U.K.E. Productions and Starterkit Media

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U.K.E. and Starter Kit Media

Unknown Endeavors Productions not only launches it’s own new site but  another site called starterkitmedia.com designed to showcase services provided to artists, bands and more. 

Everything from back in the day to the most current artwork, music, poetry and visual media, the new U.K.E. website is the best place to find it all. On this website you’ll also find up-to-date social media links, info. on the new releases, biographies, and songs.

Startkit Media

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Unknown Endeavors Productions New Youtube

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Unknown Endeavors Productions on Youtube

Hello U.K.E. fans! Unknown Endeavors Productions is now on Youtube. Comment, like, and share on all our social media platforms. Also, if you’re having difficulty finding U.K.E. on social media click the corresponding icon displayed on all posts and pages. If U.K.E. isn’t on your favorite social media site, let us know through the form on the contact page. 

Brother Peace Cee: The Last Record.

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The Lost Angelino and the Triumphant Return to the Garden.


Brother Peace Cee

The Lost Angelino and the Triumphant return to the Garden. The last album by U.K.E.’s executive producer Brother Peace Cee combines the musical influences of Danny Elfman, Sade, Prince, and Outkast with the hard earned skill from years of producing music to present an epic music experience. Peace Cee carefully chose talented musicians to collaborate with bringing cultural styles from Sweden, San Fransisco, Spain and Hawaii. Powerful and witty, the storytelling in this last record evokes thoughts that diehard U.K.E. fans dont want to miss.