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Welcome To The New U.K.E. Site!

Unknown Endeavors Productions welcomes you to the new site. Here you can find the latest info. on new releases, as well as past albums, artwork and poetry. And if you’re new to U.K.E., go to the About page to learn more and read up on the biography. 

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The World Today

The World Today https://youtu.be/CLEMSGIJ7Bw “The World Today” is from the upcoming album ‘The Lost Angelino and the Triumphant Return to The Garden’. Uniquely, this music video was filmed on Kauai, Hawaii and Los Angeles, CA. Filmed by Mihai Peteu and Keith Ketchum, and it features musicians Thomas “Illtalian” Iannucci, Marisol Carranza-Smith and Peace Cee. The beat

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"Without Music Life would be a mistake."